Thanks for downloading Return to Castlerama (R2C).

As a general indication, we would like to suggest that you restart your device after installation. It's not mandatory, but it's good practice when you're starting "large" apps.

In any case, since R2C is rather resource-intensive, we suggest you keep as few other applications alive as possible while playing, best none on smaller devices.

If you're not too savvy, here's how to do it: you double click the central button on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, and you'll see a grey stripe appearing at the bottom of your screen, showing the icons of all applications currently open in your device.

In order to close one, or more, or all applications, touch and keep your finger on any icon, then you'll get the chance to close any app you wish by hitting the red and white "no way" icon on their corner.

Try once enjoying the game in a dim light and with your headphones on: the scenery and the music will stand out.

The User Interface:

The two joysticks have standard functionality: the left one lets you move in the four cardinal directions, while the right one gives your sight and movement direction. They have a progressive action: the further from their center, the faster.

There's two more buttons on the bottom right hand side of the screen, one for jumping and one for running. The running button increases speed for a few seconds then needs to be touched again if you want to keep running.

Almost everywhere you have the Menu available through the M in the top left corner. From the Menu you can access the Book, The Tarot library and the current game or a new game, as well as the Options Screen.
In the Tarot library you'll be able to see, arranged per location, the Tarot cards you have already found. And you'll be able to understand how many Tarot cards you still need to find, in each location.

The inkwell icon in the top right corner points to both the "Journal" and the "Book".
The Journal records all the relevant messages you've received while playing, and you can access and read them at any time, swiping right to left or left to right to browse through them all.
The Book is the collection of writings that tell the saga behind the game. The player can collect the chapters of the book as scrolls around the sceneries. You scroll the specific chapter swiping horizontally; you can scroll between the chapters that you have already collected swiping vertically. From within the Book you can access the Index through the icon in the lower right corner.
The button in the inkwell position (that changes appearance as you switch from game to journal to book) lets you toggle between the journal, the book and back to the game.